Download Pitfall Guide For PC

Pitfall is a game which had broken all the records of ratings and reviews among the game based on the Google play store on Zombies. Google play shop is the official source from where you are able to get plenty of programs and Android games for free and also by paying.I’m going to share a guide here which will let you download Pitfall for PC.

The game is superb and it has already won the Editor’s Choice batch on the Google play shop. The game can be obtained for free and it is possible to play with it since its images are of HD quality on your any Android device that has got at least 1GB of RAM.

I’m going to share characteristics of this game which will allow you to know what this game all about and then I’ll also share the easy or tutorial steps following by which you’ll be able to install Pitfall on PC.


Pitfall Characteristics

As I already mentioned previously the game has won the ‘Editor’s Choice’ batch which makes it clear that how better the game rest and is you’ll be able to understand by going through the attributes of the game mentioned down here.

The game has got exceptional quality of graphics and it’ll look even better on a device with HD or full High Definition resolution.

The images are of High Definition quality and so does sound track and the sound effects which are being played throughout the background. The combination of these two will supply you with the greatest gaming experience and I’m confident that you’ll spent hundreds of hours playing this game.

You will find plenty of assignments in the game and tons of weapons will be supplied to you but in case you’re out of ammo then you got knife to start the cutting out. Knife is the best weapon in the game according to me.

The entire game has got really unique game play and graphics that was unique or you can also say entire game is unique. You can’t find better zombie established game than this.

You’ll be able to unlock more features of the game as well as the weapons once you move ahead in the game then. The moment you walk deeper into the zombie’s earth then the variety of zombies coming to attack you’ll improve and there you’ve to reveal best of your skills.

Download Pitfall for PC

You might have to follow the simple steps as mentioned down here to download Pitfall for PC and play with this game for free.

  • You will find installation easy.
  • Once you found it install the game.

That’s it! You’re done with installing Pitfall on PC. Now you’re able to enjoy playing with this game.

Download Jungle Heat for PC Free

It’s the perfect time to start a war with the jungle players and you’re going to supply the lead in that war. I’m talking about a game named Jungle Heat that is available on the Google play shop.

Then establish peace in the jungle and you should win the conflict.

I’m going to share the characteristics of after the measures and this game that will let you install Jungle Heat on PC.

Jungle Heat

Jungle Heat Game Characteristics

The game has got plenty of things to do thus and in it got hours of game play. Following are the options that come with Jungle Heat Android game which I’m sharing today on my website.

You must use all those resources to build a strong empire in the Jungle itself up and make sure your empire is strong enough to endure all types of strikes and force.

You’re provided with different troops in the game to whom you’ve to supply the training and upgrade them to their maximum power and strength. You may be outside the jungle or need to use them after during the battle with empires or any forces in the jungle itself.

The jungle is seamless and spread over thousands of miles. This is clear given that it will not be empty of resources all over there and you must utilize them in perfect means.

The game play is straightforward, you’ll learn it in a single day of few hours game play but it still keeps a thrilling and challenging experience.

You need to demonstrate best of your abilities in the game so that you become the true king of the jungle and can win battles again and again.

The images of the game are of superb quality and I’m certain they will not allow you to leave playing the game so soon.

They’re going to make you addicted to play with the game all day and so does the sound effects and tracks are of good quality that will further raise the game playing experience.

Within the game scores can be shared by you with other players and can also go through different tournaments going in the game. The game play experience is further increased by this specific feature.

Download Jungle Heat for PC

As mentioned below to download Jungle Heat for PC you need certainly to follow the simple steps.

  • First download BlueStacks software on your own Windows PC from here and install it.
  • Run BlueStacks and use its search tool to find Jungle Heat Android game.
  • Download the game once you found it and install it.

That’s all! Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends over social networks.

Install NASCAR The Game For PC

Playing games that are racing on our Android smartphones or tablet computers is really interesting, isn’t it? But how about playing those highly addictive Android games on PC? Yes, you’re at the appropriate spot as here you’re going to locate tutorial on how to download NASCAR The Game for Windows or PC computer.

The guide I’m going to share here is simple and requires few minutes to get this done in your PC and then it is possible to enjoy playing your favorite racing game i.e. NASCAR The Game on your PC.

I’m going so you can know what this game about to start the guide with first sharing the characteristics of the game.


About NASCAR The Game

Features of the game will make you begin playing with the game at the moment.

The NASCAR The Game got 19 different cars start playing with the game and to choose. There are 4 different game styles (Endless, Two Way, Time Trial and Free Ride) which you are able to play in this game. This means there’s plenty of game playing available in the NASCAR The Game.

The car ridging and handling in the game is not virtually unreal and I’m certain this attribute will make you addicted and force you to play this game for at least couple of hours each day.

The game got exceptional quality of graphics and sound effects matches perfectly with the game playing in the background. It is simple to compare the graphics quality to the definition that is high and this is the primary reason why you’ll get addicted with the game.

You can’t simply play this game according to yourself (i.e. choosing auto and game style) but you can also customize the auto you’re riding. You can change the color of your ride as well as its wheels. This really is how you can create your unique existence in the game.

Just in case you’re playing with it on your Android device then it can be controlled by you via touch or tilt. Those two options are provided but then you can only just go for touch alternative in case you’re playing it on your PC or laptop.

There are just two things to control. One is acceleration and other one is the braking of your ride. You need to drive ride through heavy traffic although there’s nothing you have to control and so you’ve to get some good die-hard driving skills otherwise this game will take lots of time to get use to.

Download NASCAR The Game For PC

These were the options that come with NASCAR The Game game and today you have to follow the easy measures I’m mentioning below to download NASCAR The Game for PC.


  • First download BlueStacks applications for your Windows PC from here.
  • Install start it and BlueStacks. Setup is simple and applications is not counterfeit.
  • Use search attribute of BlueStacks to find NASCAR The Game game that is android.
  • Install the game once you found it.

That’s all! So that they’ll also know concerning this incredible car racing game you can share this guide with your pals.

Download Teen Patti for PC or Windows 7/8

The Indian Poker game or teen Patti can be obtained for Android users free of charge and you are able to play the same game on your own PC online. I’ll on how you can download Teen Patti for PC guide you here.

The game is getting popular on the Google play store and it is being found by users as the simply finest Teen Patti game accessible.

The Teen Patti game on the Google play store is getting thousands of downloads each day and very popular. It got numerous ratings and reviews and I’m sure you’re also going to find it worth. Following are the features of Teen Patti Android game.

Teen Patti

About Teen Patti

Poker game with cards is popular across the world and there are bunches of games being available for that while the Teen Patti is an Indian styled Poker game that was not accessible previously to play online on gadgets or PC.

Octro is the developer of the game and it has gained tons of name and fame as a result of Teen Patti – Indian Poker Android game.

The game allows maximum 5 real people to get connected into a game server and begin playing.

Yes, the Teen Patti game supports this and online game playing is how we can readily play with this game now with our buddies without meeting with them at any actual actual place. This characteristic is incredible.

This game is exceptional and I’m convinced the mixture of images, sound effects and Indian Poker game play will make you hooked.

You should learn some game terms like Trail or Set (three of same ranking), Straight Flush (pure sequence or run), Straight (sequence or run), Colour (flush), Pair (two cards of same rank) and High Card.

While playing with Indian Poker these terms are used, and you should be aware of them while playing this game.

You’ll be able to easily create private rooms in the game where it is possible to place just your buddies that are real not the person that is unknown.

This is how a community can be created by you. The game also lets live in game chatting attribute using which you are able to keep on the dialog going with all of your buddies.

You are able to download Teen Patti for PC by following easy measures,

  • Download BlueStacks software on your own PC from here.
  • Install BlueStacks.
  • Start use its search tool to locate Teen Patti game and BlueStacks.
  • Install the game after you got it.

That’s it! This is all demand to be done and now it’s time to start playing with this amazing game free of charge.

How to Download Viber PC or Windows

Viber isn’t only another messaging app that is free but it’s among the greatest one. I’m going to provide a guide here using which it is possible to download Viber for PC.

Viber got its standing very strong in the marketplace although there are plenty of messaging apps accessible but. You can discover most of your friends using this messaging app due to its features that are prime and also it’s available for cross platforms.


About Viber App

Viber is among the best free messaging apps but it offers one prime attribute which certainly makes it stand out of the queue. It allows users to add buddies using the BBM PIN. This specific attribute helps the consumer to find his or her pal readily.

The user interface of the app is very refined and brilliant.

There are a lot of stickers that are amusing during chatting and animated emoticons in the app which you can share with any pal. This really is how the experience that is chatting can further increase easily.

It is possible to send unlimited free messages and can make voice and video calls. The quality of video and voice calls is exceptional and I’m positive you’re not going to find any lag in the functionality and video calling.

While making voice calls you can even change the voice and use any humorous voice like any other blocker which are there in this Viber app or TOM & BEN.

When you add any friend in this app or in other buddy if you are joined by any person in the Viber via your share then you’ll get reduction on purchasing any merchandise of your favorite brand.

Messages are delivered instantly and users can share places, videos, voice notes, photos and many other things within exactly the same dialogue. This can be how the straightforward text messages become multimedia messages. Viber doesn’t ask for costs for using some of these features.

There is one more interesting feature that helps chatting with more or two buddies at just one time.

Download Viber for PC

  • First download BlueStacks app player in your PC from here.
  • Install BlueStacks and start it.
  • Run BlueStacks’s search tool to find Viber Android app.
  • After you got it install the app.

That’s it! You then have to update the graphics driver of your PC if you get error during BlueStacks installment setup is simple.

How to Download Pic Stitch for Computer

The photo editor and collage maker tools are kind today of must use tools. We all care for sharing photos at our social network and we all appear to get the finest of them to impress our friends and relatives.

Pic Stitch is an Android app that is available free of charge on the Google Play store and you should begin using it to stitch more or two photos together to create a collage that is perfect.

Here in this post you’ll find helpful information on how to download Pic Stitch for PC or computer. Will work fine on Windows PC and computer.

Pic Stitch

Attributes for Pic Stitch

The Pic Stitch is a free but quite powerful app. Exactly the same app is available on the iTunes app store for the iOS users also and I’m sure you’re going to find it actually useful even while using it on your PC.

Using Pic Stitch you can create amazing and unique appearing collages. Collage means collection of two or more distinct photos attached in one picture.

Since the birth of social media, all of US care for uploading unique appearing images to our accounts so that our followers and friends can see them.

You can readily drop a couple of images in one collage interface and can correct them to create exquisite and an unique appearing collage that you can directly share to your social network from within the Pic Stitch app.

The user interface of the Pic Stitch is really easy and you WOn’t ever feel the need of any user guide to learn using it. The app offers high, broad, free style, photo grid like modes which you can use to create an unique collage that was totally appearing.

There are 20 styles of square photo grids in this app and you may also add the collage you create and plenty of stickers, frames and effects. You can even add any text anywhere in the photo.

The Pic Stitch app has got heaps of free frames, layouts, templates and different set of backgrounds that you can use to supply an appearance that was unique to every picture you’re editing.

If you care for the photos you share either on your own Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram social networking profile then this can be the finest picture collage machine accessible for free. You should begin using Pic Stitch now should you really care for the quality and uniqueness of each photo you share.

Download Pic Stitch for Computer

I’m sharing here straightforward measures that you must follow to download Pic Stitch for computer or PC down.

  • First download BlueStacks to your Windows computer.
  • You can locate it here.
  • Install BlueStacks. Its setup is simple and takes few minutes.
  • Start BlueStacks and find Pic Stitch Android app using its search tool.
  • Download once you got it and install the app.

If you get error during setup of BlueStacks then you’ve got to update the images drivers of your PC and ensure they’re up to date.

Jetpack Joyride Download Guide For PC

The craze with this game is still not finishing although jetpack Joyride has been for quite a long time on the Google Play shop. I’m going to share a download guide that’ll let you download Jetpack Joyride for PC game now,.

Jetpack Joyride is available at no cost on the Google Play shop but you can even play it in your PC. You simply need to have a look at the download guide I’ve shared here.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride game features

The Jetpack Joyride continues to be receiving tons of reviews in the authoritative websites around the net that the game is exceptional and you must play with it.

Precisely the same thing is seen on the Google Play shop. It is possible to locate countless shares, reviews and evaluations of this game which definitely demonstrates why you should play with this right without thinking on it and how better it is.

This game begins with the inspiring Sci Fi narrative. You broke in a laboratory where some scientists were developing some technology which wasn’t for the good of human life. Because if you escape from the lab then you definitely can share that technology with the rest of the world they have seen you now and looking to kill you when possible.

The graphics of the game are exceptional and you’re undoubtedly going to get addicted due to that. The sound effects

are also awesome and fit perfectly with the things going in the background.

As you start the game, a machine gun begins automatically to scatter the scientists that are evil and then you need to care for yourself on your own. In running out at a good speed a jetpack is there to help you, so that scientists can’t catch you easily.

You need to look around as there are loads of obstructions in there and the bad scientists who were doing Legitimate Research in the lab are trying their best to stop you and kill you as soon as they could.

There are plenty of super powers in the game which you can accumulate and they will really help you to get quicker. You can also foster to gain a greater speed which certainly means that one can make a clear distance from those scientists that are bad.

You will find plenty of things happening constantly and the cartoons in the game are really awesome. You should play with this and I’m confident you’ll find it addictive.

Download Jetpack Joyride for PC

As mentioned down here you should follow the simple measures.

  • First download BlueStacks for computer or your Windows PC.
  • You will find it here for free.
  • Install begin it and BlueStacks.
  • Download once it was located by you and install the game.

That’s it!

Download & Install Sniper 3D Assassin For PC Free

Zombies are all around in your city and you’re the last one alive. By chance you got weapons (lots of) and you must reveal best of your skills in order to kill them all. I’m talking about Sniper 3D Assassin that you can find on the Google Play store at no cost and I’m sure you’re definitely going to love playing it.

The game is superb and you can even play it on your Windows PC at no cost. The game isn’t available officially for PC yet but still you’ll be able to do that using the guide I’m sharing here.

Thus you need to get prepared consequently as I mentioned in starting that Sniper 3D Assassin is available on the Google Play store for free and it’s zombies based.

Sniper 3D Assassin

About Sniper 3D Assassin

It offers brilliant quality of graphics and you’re not going to locate any performance lag. The sound effects also join the best quality graphics to further raise the game playing experience.

It has got 13 millions of users according to the official stats by the developer. The game has got hours of game play and it is going to take weeks to get completed.

You must kill them all as soon as you can but make sure you stay from their bite. Afterward you’ll become certainly one of them quite shortly if you are bitten by any of them, and that’s what you won’t enjoy at all.

You can join the server to play this with other online players at no cost. This really is another notable feature of it and you should earn lots of benefits for doing that. That is how the narrative is developed by the game on the spot which is its prime attribute.

There are plenty of guns, weapons in it which you are able to choose and begin playing from the beginning.

Then you definitely can smoothly change between two weapons in the event you get out of ammo, and in the rare instance when all your weapons are out of ammo then you certainly still got the conventional knife kill game with those zombies and to start playing the cut.

The game has got story in everything and the user experience it provides is brilliant. You may find lots of thing just like real life and this really is the main reason why the game has got countless users.

Sniper 3D Assassin for PC free Download

It’s possible for you to download Sniper 3D Assassin for PC by following certain steps which I’m sharing down here.

You need to download BlueStacks applications from us website here and install it then. Installation is straightforward and the software is not counterfeit.
Begin BlueStacks and locate Sniper 3D Assassin game using its search tool.
Once you found it install the game.

That’s all you need to do to play with this game online for free from your own PC. I’m waiting to hear relating to this game from your own side.

How to Download Pixlr For PC

Its main power has been got by android OS because of the strong programs available on the Google Play store. Pixlr is an incredible one and you should begin using it on your own PC because of the reasons I’m going to share down here.

The tool is available for free and bulk of the features contained within it are certainly free. You can’t locate any better photo editing tool features than Pixlr on your Android device and exactly the same can be installed on PC too.


Pixlr attributes

There are no advertisements in the app and you’ll be able to use most of its features at no cost.

The very first feature I’m going to talk about Pixlr instrument is that it let users lets making quite and beautiful professional collages. Users can add two or more images and can create unique looking collage.

There are plenty of collage subjects or classic styles obtainable in the app and if you count and sit them then they’re above 200 in total amount.

This really is a major feature of the app and the rationale why it’s not so unpopular. You may also create magazine styled collages and this can be the characteristic I found the greatest one.

There’s a photo editing in built tool in the app using which you’re able to edit the photos, use special effects, change color temperature and a lot of things just by simply touching.

You can create hundreds of exceptional seeming images out of one image simply by using the special effects used in the app.

There are lots of professional special effects available in the app which can also be used to further increase the quality and general appearance of the picture anytime you need.

You can update the picture quality, resolution or crop photograph and do heaps of things that are specific to make them appear distinctive before you share them on to the social networks.

In the event you believe that effects or tools are still not the one you wanted then you download more effects tools in the app library. This specific attribute makes this app the number one and further raises the user experience.

So that you can learn how to download Pixlr for PC as mentioned down here you have to undergo the following steps that are easy.

  • Download BlueStacks app player software on your Windows PC and install it.
  • It’s possible for you to get it at no cost from here and it’s an authentic software used by millions.
  • Search for Pixlr and begin BlueStacks app using its search tool.
  • Download once it was found by you and install the app.

That’s it! Now you begin editing photos in your PC easily and can begin using Pixlr app on PC free of charge.

Download Tutorial MomentCam for PC

MomentCam is a superb camera and photo editing app that can be found on the Google Play shop which you can instantly install on any Android OS running device or on PC using the guide here on MomentCam for PC download tutorial.

MomentCam is an original one and better than any other although you need to have used tons of photo editing apps till now. This can be the reason this app is becoming so popular on the Google Play shop and its popularity is growing daily.

MomentCam app

MomentCam app Features

When you start using this MomentCam app on PC your Android device or on either then you’ll get amuse after going through its features. I’m sharing down its greatest attributes here one by one.

The app has got an extremely exceptional and striking user interface. You will discover the user interface very refined and you’ll find it simpler to begin using it.

The camera effects accessible there in the MomentCam app are outstanding and also exceptional. You can’t locate those special effects in any Android photo editing app and this is due to which this app has become so popular an important characteristic.

The app can be obtained for free and there are no ads offered. You are able to edit any other part in the picture, or your face. This special attribute provides an attribute that is pro to the users so that they’ll begin customization the graphic in accordance with their use and the way they want.

There aren’t any restrictions made available from the app to the users and they can do whatever they need on any picture they got using the attributes and tools of the MomentCam app.

Using MomentCam funny graphics that you can instantly share with buddies or the users can be easily created by you added in your social networking profiles like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

Sharing is the need due to which users look to edit their graphics and ensure they look the finest and as a way to help them MomentCam is there.

There are plenty of emoticons available in the app which can be utilized on the list of pictures. Users can join two images and can place the live effects on the graphics of getting it at the time.

Download MomentCam for PC

It’s possible for you to download MomentCam for PC using the guide here. The steps mentioned down here are very straightforward and I’m convinced you’re not going to locate any trouble while installing MomentCam on PC.

In the event you get any error during installation then you have to update the graphics drivers of your PC.

  • First you have to get BlueStacks.
  • Install BlueStacks using the installer file you downloaded now.
  • Start BlueStacks and using search tool, locate MomentCam app.
  • Download once it was found by you and install the app.